Some references

All references have been gained thanks to our clear differentiation and strong commitment to get concrete and helpful results for our customers
  • Group Life Insurance based on Life Office
    • Replacement of all group legacy applications
    • Offers, proposals, contracts, yearly renewals, commissions, invoicing and self-services for employers and employees
  • Individual Life Insurance based on Life Office
    • Mortgage coverage insurance application
    • On-line creation of offers and proposals by brokers, policy administration, commissions, billing & commissioning management (fully integrated with existing legacy)
  • Business consulting for a CRM project
    • Business consulting support during the strategy and project definition study
    • Front-office application Tests definition and execution
  • Business consulting for Life Insurance
    • Project Management for printing factory implementation
    • Business Support in the implementation of a new back-office system
    • Analysis, architecture and project management ...
  • Setup Back-office (process & organisation)
    • Consulting for the setup of a back-office for pan-European products through domestic distribution channels (Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland)
  • Implementation of a Datawarehouse & performance management
    • Implementation and roll-out in several entities
    • Next step is document management

  • And many other references in Belgium or Luxembourg
    • For Fortis, Consultlife, Finshop...
    • Development of a sales-tool
    • Implementation of a work-flow system for incoming documents
    • Tool for mortgage rates comparison and proposals follow-up (for many insurance companies such as Delta Lloyd, Fidea, NAB, Natheus, ZA...)

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